Friday, February 28, 2014

Chuck's Ten Different Ways

The guy, the man, the dude, everyone's favorite writer's writer, Chuck Wendig posted a Writing exercise in his blog. You can find that post here.

Because I just had lunch, and was in a moderate amount of discomfort, I decided to participate while expressing my very real feelings.

This is the result. Enjoy.

I Just ate Indian food for the first time. It Feels like my stomach is a cement mixer. Like someone prepped the inside of my nose for wallpaper. Like I drank some experimental rocket fuel. Like my insides were replaced by a pile of samosas. Like my tongue is in the hair club for men. Like I’m the guinea pig for a new line of curry flavored body wash. Like oh God, the cement is hardening. Like the sobbing after a bad high school breakup ended only a moment ago. Like the sulphurous depths of a very real Christian hell annexed a part of my esophagus. Like… like I’m full.

Send help.

1 comment:

  1. I want to quote your little ten ways paragraph thingie and say 'this is my favorite part.' When I'm not all braindumb, I'm a gonna try this too. Fantastic.