Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Film Series: Dead in the Water

No, this is not a review for a film entitled Dead in the Water. (though there are several films by that name in IMDB.)

Looks Good.

This is a post to say that the previous post about an ongoing series of film reviews written by your truly was over before it even started. I just can't do it. My heart's not in it.

I did actually watch Paths of Glory with the intention of reviewing it here. While I do still enjoy that movie, when it came time to write a review, I just couldn't. It felt entirely too pretentious, too stilted. I tried to talk about Kubrick's work as an auteur and how this fits in, about the cinematography, the mise-en-scène. I just can't.

There was a time back in film classes when I would have been happy to go on and on about the film as art, but my brain just isn't wired that way anymore. That is not to take away from critics or film buffs who are really into that sort of thing. The whole point I'm trying to make is that no one should be able to dictate the hows and whys that make a movie enjoyable to you. All I can try to do is explain what I do like. My brain isn't wired for the mechanics of what makes a film good. My brain is wired for story.

In addition to that, I simply don't have time.

So, I guess pretend the last post didn't happen? I may from time to time review a movie here or there, or book, or whatever, but I make no promises.

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